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Superior Edge is an enterprise-level software and data company focused on providing technology-based solutions to large organizations. Our clients typically deliver their products and services to end-users through diverse and often independent sales channels. Our clients tailor and implement our solutions throughout these channel networks in order to improve sales effectiveness and drive revenue. As a result, our solutions enhance the skill and capability of our clients' channel salespersons to close a sale with the final customer.

Superior Edge's business model is to partner with our clients in ways that develop deep, long-lasting relationships. Our current client base consists of an exclusive group of national and international organizations in production agriculture and vegetation management markets. Our solutions are being deployed by these clients to more effectively create solutions for farmers, land managers, and consultants.

Superior Edge's expert systems are tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. Our systems do more than just present data; they analyze it and use it to proactively aid in decision-making, thereby improving the performance and capability of the person closest to, and working with, the final customer — the channel salesperson. The primary benefit for our clients is improved effectiveness for their channels' personnel "at the kitchen table" and improved outcomes for their final customer.

This "kitchen table" phrase stems from the face-to-face communication that often literally occurs at the kitchen table (or home office, board room, etc.) as purchasing decisions are made and plans developed. These decisions might include a seed recommendation, a vegetation management strategy, or a financial or insurance plan. Improving the capability and decision making of the on-the-ground personnel when they are with the customer is one of the primary differentiators of Superior Edge. Our solutions integrate the technology and data that result in our expert systems, which are then directly involved in the sales process. We believe that important opportunities are created when an advisor or even a salesperson aids a customer and helps him or her make decisions.
Our patented solutions enable our clients to assist their on-the-ground personnel to:
  • Create solutions for their customers that are data-based and improve both the results for our client and the outcomes for the final customer
  • Leverage the launch of new products and other innovations which open new doors and improve solutions for final customers
  • Implement best practices into a plan to improve its effectiveness and outcomes

Our solutions can be used to:

  • Advance sales for seed companies by helping dealers recommend and farmers select the most appropriate seed for each field based on the farmer's agronomic practices, seed performance, yield goals, land and soil characteristics and other important factors unique to each farmer
  • Assist federal government personnel and consultants in creating solutions that are environmentally and economically effective to control invasive species and unwanted vegetation
  • Reduce risk for insurance companies or bankers by helping their agents focus on the best opportunities
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Key Differentiators

  • Superior Edge works in partnership with our clients to create systems designed specifically for their needs. Exclusivity brings added value to our clients, in addition to the ability to make our systems their own. Exclusivity also allows us to become entrenched within our clients' sales channels in order to develop deep, long-lasting relationships.
  • Our systems are a combination of our existing products that have been developed over several years and client-specific requirements. The resulting solutions are innovative and designed to solve our clients' unique problems by combining existing development with custom development the time it takes for our clients to realize the benefits of our solutions is reduced and total costs are lower.
  • The systems are designed to improve the delivery and execution of the services and products of our clients through their sales channels: the people closest to the final customer. This unique approach differentiates a Superior Edge solution from others that have a management focus that is designed for control and command.
  • Traditional systems present data or images and depend on the user to interpret the data and decide what to do. In contrast, Superior Edge systems are "expert" and designed to aid in decision-making. Expert capabilities enable the system to proactively provide advice, identify recommendations, and prevent errors.
  • Superior Edge has the ability to proactively integrate new initiatives into individual plans quickly and automatically. An initiative can be the discovery or release of new products, new research, new regulations, new financing, or a new species. Traditionally the time from the launch of an initiative until it is put into action is long and unpredictable. These capabilities are proprietary and unique.
  • Superior Edge has a deep knowledge in the industries we serve, which is reflected in the depth of the solutions our systems create. Our products and technologies leapfrog other systems.
  • Superior Edge has a portfolio of patents, issued and pending, to protect the uniqueness of our solutions and the competitive differentiation of our client's solution.